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Truck Accident Resources

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Due to the large size and weight of most big rigs and other specialized work vehicles, commercial truck accidents can cause serious injuries and extensive damage. Accidents involving commercial trucks can be caused by truck drivers or passenger vehicle drivers, or both, and involve a number of potential defendants. Although the legal principal of negligence is at the heart of truck accident cases, they require special handling and differ substantially from typical car accident claims.

There are also different safety standards and licensing requirements for commercial truck drivers. For example, commercial DUI regulations set the maximum legal blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) at 0.04 percent, which is half the legal limit for casual drivers.

If you are injured in an accident involving a commercial truck, make sure you do some research into the trucking company and driver before meeting with your attorney. Never admit guilt or liability for a truck accident and don't sign any waivers or liability release forms until you have had a chance to speak with an attorney.

Truck Accident Resources

If you were involved in an accident with a commercial truck, such as a big rig or delivery truck, you'll need to work with your insurance provider as well as with a truck accident lawyer (if necessary). Below, you will find links to a number of federal and non-governmental resources to help you better prepare your claim.

Be sure to seek prompt medical attention first if you have been injured in an accident.

Make Sure Your Truck Accident Claim is Solid: Hire an Attorney

If you've been involved in a truck accident, you likely have a lot of questions including how to fill out a medical release form, when to speak to your insurance company, and much more. A legal professional experienced in commercial truck accident litigation will be able to lead you in the right direction. Find a local truck accident attorney today.

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