Personal Injury Forms

When you work with a personal injury lawyer, you will be required to fill out numerous forms and provide certain medical and personal information, such as past hospitalizations and specific effects of the injuries. The most common is the "intake form" typically given at your first attorney meeting, which starts the information-gathering process and helps the attorney decide how to proceed with your claim. Additionally, you will be required to fill out a billing agreement with your lawyer.

Getting started early will help you save time (and billable hours), while helping your attorney prepare your claim in the most efficient and comprehensive manner possible. The following sample intake forms, worksheets, questionnaires, and other materials will help you get organized and better informed before you step foot in a lawyer's office.

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Accident and Injury Law Forms

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If you're considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, you may need an experienced accident and injury lawyer. An attorney who specializes in handling accident and injury cases will be able to explain to you the law that may apply to your particular circumstances. That's why it's important to speak to a lawyer familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction. You can contact an experienced injury attorney for a free claim evaluation.

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