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Toxic Chemicals & Materials

Toxic chemicals and materials have made their way into all types consumer goods as well as houses, buildings, work materials and more. From lead paint on toys to chemicals embedded in the construction of our homes and workplaces, these toxic substances can give rise to wide ranging injuries – sometimes life threatening illnesses which can lurk for years before a person knows he or she is sick.Injuries arising from toxic materials or chemicals can give rise to different types of legal actions – including standard product liability lawsuits as well as "toxic torts." A toxic tort is a legally actionable injury caused by exposure to a toxic chemical or substance. Because toxic many people are often exposed to the same toxic substances, toxic tort claims often take the form of class actions, such as the long-running asbestos class action suits. Some toxic chemicals and materials have since been phased out of production in the U.S., including lead-based paints, DDT and asbestos. However, even after manufacturers stop using a given substance, lawsuits over injuries arising from years of prior exposure can continue for some time. Here you will find resources about toxic substances found in common products, in the home, on the job and elsewhere.
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