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Get Legal Help with a Car or Vehicle Defect or Recall

If you believe that your motor vehicle (or its equipment) may be defective, you might consider contacting an experienced Motor Vehicle Defects Attorney.

The laws that regulate automobiles are complex. While some systems, such as the car recall systems, or the lemon laws, are designed to be easy for consumers, others are very complex and require the advice of a local products liability attorney.

Working with an Auto Defects Attorney

If you suspect that a vehicle or equipment may be defective, are having problems getting repairs made after a recall, or have been injured by a vehicle or equipment defect, consulting an experienced Motor Vehicle Defects Attorney can be very useful. At your first meeting, your attorney will evaluate your situation with you by gathering facts and information from you, identifying your options, and explaining what you can expect.

Your particular case determines the kind of information the attorney might gather from you. For most cases involving vehicles, you will probably want to bring information about the date and purchase price of your car, as well as any repair records. This will help the attorney determine if there was a defect in your vehicle at the time you purchased it, and whether there are any repairs to which you are entitled.

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, you should bring the police reports, medical records and bills that you have, estimates for future medical care and time needed for recovery, and photographs of your injuries and the crash site. This helpful damages worksheet can give you an idea of the kinds of expenses that can be damages in a lawsuit, as well as the kinds of documentation you might want to bring.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all the information; just bring what you have. Your attorney will let you know what additional items are required. It’s important not to delay your initial consultation. Many states have time limits for bringing lawsuits, and you don’t want to let one slip by unintentionally.

Finding an Experienced Automobile Defects and Recalls Attorney

To find an attorney or law firm to help you with your vehicle or equipment defect (and all related issues), go to the "Find a Lawyer" box below. You can also search for an experienced Motor Vehicle Defects attorney near you by using the FindLaw Lawyer Directory.

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