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Food Poisoning: A Legal FAQs

People who have suffered from food poisoning often wonder if a legal remedy is available to you. "Do I have a legal case?" is a common question after falling ill. The answer often depends on the circumstances of your illness. A lengthy delay between eating the food and onset of illness may make it difficult to prove the food caused your illness, for instance.

That said, if a government health agency has linked a particular food you ate to an outbreak of food poisoning, your claim may be easier to make. Below you will find introductory information on food poisoning (or "foodborne illness"), food contamination, and more. You'll want to know the details of filing a food poisoning claim: what legal theories can form the basis for a lawsuit, how to prove your case, and who to sue.

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  What is Food Poisoning? - Get to know the causes, examples, and statistics related to food poisoning. Did you know, for example, that more than 250 different types of food poisoning have been identified? Food poisoning lawsuits generally fall under the category of defective product liability claims, the idea being that you have been sold a defective product (the food) and it injured you.

How Food Becomes Contaminated - Learn how food production and preparation can cause contamination. Things like food handling, animals, food storage, food handling, food preparation and heating food are all possible culprits.

Foods Most Associated with Food Poisoning - From raw foods to toxins, this is lowdown on what foods to watch out for. Keep a particular eye on raw meat, poultry, shellfish, and unpasteurized milk.

Food Poisoning Q&A - The top questions and answers on the basics of food poisoning. Read on for symptoms, radiated food, food toxins and more.

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