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Dangerous Baby & Kids' Products

Like other products liability claims, those relating to children's products can be made against manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers. This can include toys, children's equipment such as cribs, strollers, baby food, and other products sold for use by babies and children. Product liability claims can result in compensation for serious injuries, illness or deaths caused by products which are unduly dangerous either in their very design, through a manufacturing flaw, through unsafe handling along the path from manufacturer to the consumer, or through inadequate warnings of risks. FindLaw's "Dangerous Baby and Kids' Products" section provides in-depth resources pertaining to drop-side cribs, BB guns and other dangerous children's products.

What is a Recall?

A product recall is when a manufacturer or retailer calls for a specific product to be returned to them due to a defect or risk involved with the product. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) works with manufacturers and retailers to have risky products recalled voluntarily. If the manufacturer or retailer fails to recall the product on its own, the CPSC may file a lawsuit against the company requesting that the judge order the product be recalled.

Baby Slings and Sling Carriers

Baby slings or wraps, as they are also called, have become popular because they allow parents to carry the baby close while keeping their hands free. A baby sling is made of cloth and is "slung" around the adult's shoulder like a giant handbag. However, these slings and sling carriers pose a serious risk that a child may fall to the ground or be suffocated. When a consumer product causes an injury, the injured person can bring a product liability claim as a legal remedy. The claim may be based on the theory that there was an unintended defect in the design or manufacturing of the product, or that the manufacturer failed to warn users of hidden dangers. If you believe your child has been injured by a baby sling, you should contact an attorney specializing in product liability claims.

Lead in Toys and Lead Poisoning in Children

Lead has been listed by the state since 1987 as a toxic material that damages the nervous system and other organs. Lead paint has been banned in the United States since 1978 because of lead's link to brain and neurological problems, particularly in children. Toys are recalled every year for containing lead levels that exceed the legal standard of 600 parts per million. Children are obviously most at risk for lead poisoning. Children can also be exposed to lead in many consumer products, such as candy wrappers, jewelry, public playground equipment, toys, and products made of vinyl.

Pocket Bikes

Pocket bikes -- also called "mini-motorcycles" or "pocket rockets" -- are small gas-powered bikes that look like miniature replicas of full-sized motorcycles. Despite their small size (about two feet high and weighing around 40 pounds), pocket bikes typically come equipped with 40cc engines, and can reach speeds up to 40 to 50 miles per hour. Although they are smaller, pocket bikes present many of the same hazards as full-size motorcycles, including the possibility of serious head injuries to riders if an accident occurs.

How a Products Liability Attorney Can Help

If you or your child has been harmed by a toy or other product, consult a qualified products liability attorney for more information. You should also check the government recall website to see if a product you or your children are using has been recalled.

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